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Plainfield, Illinois

Wildlife Removal | Animal Control
Plainfield, IL

Need Help Removing Nuisance Animals Including Squirrels, Bats, Raccoons, or other Wildlife from Your Plainfield Home?


We Offer Animal Control and Wildlife Removal Services for Most Home Invaders.

Professional Wildlife Removal removes bats, rats, voles, moles, squirrels, snakes, birds, raccoons and more – quickly, safely, and humanely.

Whether you own a home in town or in one of the great subdivisions like Grand Park, Wesmere, Lakewood Falls, or the Clublands, squirrels, raccoons and other local wildlife looking for shelter find their way in.

Offering a wide range of wildlife control, wildlife removal, animal trapping, nuisance wildlife removal, rodent removal, dead animal removal, and home repair services in the greater Plainfield, IL area.

Our process is to safely remove nuisance wildlife from your home and keep them out.

We start with an inspection of your home to identify the location and types of animals entering and causing damage, we remove the nuisance animals humanely, we repair any damage that was done, and finally we evaluate your home or building for other potential entry points to keep the animals from re-entering and ensure that your home is sealed and safe in the future.


Insured. Bonded. Removal. Repair. Prevention.

When the great outdoors decides to move in, trust us to provide professional wildlife removal!


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Animal Control and Wildlife Removal for
Home Invaders Around Plainfield

















Zach Posey and the team at Professional Wildlife Removal are trained in all manner of local wildlife removal from small rodents like mice to larger animals like coyotes and everything in between. Squirrels, Bats, and Raccoons are their specialty! They’ll identify the pest, trap the animal and remove it – or multiple ones! They’ll even repair the damage to your home or property and create ways to keep the animals out. They specialize in nuisance wildlife removal.

Our goal is to safely remove nuisance wildlife from your home and keep them out.

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