New Texting Feature

Here’s how it works:

1. there’s a floating text icon on the right.

2. person clicks it.

3. takes them to the text page

4. they fill out the form and send it.


4. they fill out the form and send it. They see a screen like this:


5. You get a text. Looks like this:

 6. press down on the text (not just the highlighted phone #) and copy the whole message.

7. then tap the phone # that’s part of the message. You should get an option to call or text, etc. choose to send a message.

8. In the new message window, paste the message.

9. You now have his/her original message in a format that will immediately let the person know that this is a reply to their text request from the website.

10. type your reply to their message, and proceed to work with the new client.


Let us know how you like it.